Prepaid Cards

Prepaid Cards help you manage your money or teach your kids about money, all with the convenience and security of a VISA card. Members can load funds and use the card to shop, pay bills, or withdraw cash from an ATM.


  • Easy budgeting and money management  
  • Card is reloadable1 
  • Provides easy access to cash 
  • Access to nearly 30,000 free ATMs
  • Order up to four secondary cards for family members or companions2 
  • No income verification or credit check required3 
  • Unlike cash, your Prepaid Card can be replaced if lost or stolen 

Order a Card

prepaid card


Reload up to $7,500 an unlimited number of times for the life of the card (maximum of four loads with a combined total of $7,500 per seven day period). Prepaid cards must initially be set up using an SDFCU debit or credit card. You can set up a direct deposit to the card after that, but an SDFCU debit or credit card must be used to re-load the card,  

Must be an SDFCU member to set up a prepaid card. See how to join! Additional sub-accounts can be held by non-members. 

One-time $10.00 fee to obtain a prepaid card and an additional shipping fee as disclosed when ordering online.