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We know that finding the time to keep track of your finances can be difficult in today’s busy world. We make it easy for you with our suite of Personal Financial Management tools. Monitor your credit score, develop a budget to manage your finances and teach your child about the importance of developing good banking habits.

Get your credit score


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Do you know what your credit score is? Your credit score is very important and can be used to determine the likelihood of you being able to borrow the funds that you need or getting a new credit card and more. SavvyMoney is an application found within Online Banking that will provide you with your credit score in a matter of minutes.

The details

  • FREE for members
  • Based on your credit score, find out how much you can save by refinancing
  • Highlights SDFCU products that will save you money
  • Read articles and view videos for tips about improving your credit score.

To view your credit score, visit SavvyMoney within Online Banking and begin monitoring your credit score.

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Monitor your spending and manage your

Finance Works

BALANCE Financial Fitness Programs

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Finance Works is a robust financial application found within Online Banking that gives you a complete picture of all of your accounts. This tool is designed to make financial management easier by allowing you to add non-SDFCU accounts to your profile. With Finance Works, there is no need to log into multiple websites. You can access all of you’re account data in a single snapshot to monitor your bills and cash flow. When you know how you are spending, you can make informed decisions about how you are using your money.

With your financial wellbeing in mind, we have also partnered with BALANCE Financial Fitness Programs. These FREE programs are designed to help you create a money management plan that will let you achieve your financial goals.

The details

  • FREE for members
  • Complete overview of all you financial accounts from over 19,000 financial and creditor institutions
  • Easily add and remove accounts from your profile
  • Analyzes all of your transactions and assigns them to a category and monitor your spending
  • Set up a budget and spending goals
  • Set up email alerts to notify you when bills are due
  • Organize your deductions and add categories with Tax Watch to help simplify your taxes

To get started, visit Finance Works within Online Banking and begin monitoring all your accounts in one place.

The details

  • FREE for members
  • Financial Counseling is available
  • Debt management analysis
  • Develop saving and spending plans
  • Provides a credit report review and analysis
  • Review identity theft solutions

To get started, visit the BALANCE website or contact a counselor at 888.456.2227 and remember to let them know that you are an SDFCU member.

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