We have six branch locations open Monday through Friday. 8:30 a.m. - 4:00 p.m. If you prefer, you have the option to schedule an appointment at an SDFCU branch or skip the trip and meet by video.

As a member, you also have access to over 5,000 shared branches and nearly 30,000 free ATMs across the US through the CO-OP Network. Find a convenient location using the search tool below.

Make an Appointment

Use our branch appointment booking tool* to schedule an appointment at one of our SDFCU branches. With a few clicks you can set your preferred date, time, and branch location. Be sure to provide your correct contact information so you can get a courtesy confirmation and reminder.

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*This is an optional service available for your convenience, walk-in visits are always welcome.



Enjoy these convenient services at our SDFCU locations:

Notary Public

A Notary Public is a state official authorized to witness the signing of important documents such as acknowledgements, administer oaths and affirmations, certify affidavits or depositions, and certain other powers as provided for by law. You can get a notary at any SDFCU branch location.

Safe Deposit Boxes

Keep your valuables and important documents protected in one of our Safe Deposit boxes. Safe Deposit boxes can be rented at our State Department, Rosslyn or our Alexandria branches. Visit the branch for availability and details!

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Additional Services

  • Get a debit card on the spot
  • Open an account or meet with a representative 
  • ATM 24/7 all locations
  • Interactive Teller Machine Monday-Friday, 8:00 am - 5:00 pm ET (Rosslyn, FSI and FLETC)
  • Order foreign currency

 CO-OP ATM Network & Shared Branches



Nearly 30,000 Free ATMs

With an SDFCU debit card, you have access to a large network of ATMs that you can use fee-free. You just have to make sure you are at a participating ATM. Use the above locator search tool to find one or look for the CO-OP logo on the ATM. ATMs are located nationwide at participating credit unions and select locations where you shop, like 7-Eleven, Costco, Publix, Rite-Aid and more.

CO-OP ATM Shared Branch

Shared Branching

Shared Branches are credit union locations where SDFCU members can conduct banking business at other credit union locations. You can visit over 5,600 participating locations nationwide to withdraw money, transfer between accounts, make payments, and check your balance. This a great solution if you move or have an emergency need and like to conduct business in a branch.

Bring the following to conduct a transaction at a shared branch location:

  1. SDFCU Account Number

  2. Proper Identification: Must be a valid government-issued photo identification, i.e., State Driver’s license, US Passport



 Other ways to find ATM and Branch locations: 


mobile phone

Use the SDFCU Mobile App


Text a Zip Code to 91989 to find nearby ATM and Shared Branch locations

phone call icon

Call 1-888-SITE-CO-OP (888-748-3266)