Rewards and Benefits At SDFCU Last a Lifetime

At SDFCU, you’re more than a customer. You’re a member and an owner; this means you will enjoy personalized service, low rates and special perks. Avoid the hidden fees and headaches of big banks. Experience the freedom to bank the way you want.


What is a Credit Union

A credit union is a member-owned, not-for-profit cooperative financial institution, which is owned and operated by its members. These members – who are united by a common bond of employment, association or community – democratically operate the credit union under state and federal regulation for the purpose of encouraging savings by offering a fair return. The combined investments are used to make loans at competitively low interest rates and to provide a variety of other financial services to members.

Credit Unions vs. Banks
What are the key differences between Credit Unions and Banks?

Credit Unions Banks
Can serve only those individuals within their field of membership Can serve anyone in the general public
Are member service-driven Are profit-driven
Return profits to members in the form of lower loan rates, higher savings rates and free or low cost services Return profits to a small group of stockholders
Have members, each of whom has a share of ownership, in SDFCU is $1 Have customers with no ownership in the organization
Democratically controlled by members Controlled by stockholders and paid officials
Are not-for-profit institutions Are profit-oriented institutions
Members elect a volunteer Board of Directors to represent their interests Have a paid Board of Directors who represent the owners; customers do not have voting privileges
Are federally insured by the National Credit Union Administration Are federally insured by the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation


Benefits of Membership

Who Can Join

You may join SDFCU if you are an employee of The Department of State or one of the following organizations. Additionally, as a consumer, you may be eligible to join our credit union through the American Consumer Council (ACC), a nonprofit advocacy group. When opening your SDFCU account you will need to choose ACC on your application.


  • Alexandria Animal Hospital
  • Alexandria Country Day School - Students and Staff
  • Alhurra
  • The Aluminum Association who work in Arlington, VA
  • American College of Osteopathic Surgeons who work in Alexandria, VA
  • American Consumer Council (ACC)
  • American Foreign Service Association who work in Washington, DC
  • American Foreign Service Protective Association who work in Washington, DC
  • The American Institute of Taiwan
  • American Pharmacists Association (APHA) employees who work in, or are paid or supervised from Washington, D.C.
  • American Society of Training and Development
  • The Amidon-Bowen ES in Washington, DC - Students and Staff
  • Armed Forces Communication and Electronics Association who work in Fairfax, Virginia
  • ASI Government Inc.
  • Bay Area Association of Realtors
  • The BRANLIK Strategy Group, LLC
  • Broadcasting Board of Governors
  • Carroll County Association of Realtors
  • Celcite Management Solutions, LLC
  • The Chemical and Biological Arms Control Institute
  • Clements Worldwide
  • Community Associations Institute
  • Cotton and Company
  • CR Associates employees who work in Santa Fe, NM
  • Creative Information Technology Inc.
  • C.T. Management, Inc.
  • Department of State
  • Devis employees who work in, or are paid or supervised from Arlington, VA
  • DeVry University who work in Arlington, VA
  • District of Columbia Credit Union League
  • Enspier Technologies
  • Eurasia Foundation who work in or are headquartered in Washington, DC
  • Evolvent Technologies who are work in or are paid or supervised from Falls Church, VA
  • Fair Labor Association who work in, or are paid or supervised from Washington, DC
  • Foreign Claims Settlement Agency
  • Freedom House, Inc.
  • G3 Visas and Passports in Arlington, VA
  • GeoLogics Corporation
  • Greater Baltimore Board of Realtors
  • GRW Capitol Corporation



  • Hall and Associates, LLC
  • Hampton Inn Old Town King Street who work in, or are paid or supervised from Alexandria, VA.
  • Harford County Association of Realtors
  • Harlan Lee and Associates who work in or are paid from Fairfax, VA
  • Haute Catering employees who work in, or are paid or supervised from Washington DC.
  • Henninger Media Services
  • Hopkins House of Alexandria
  • Howard County Association of Realtors
  • iCommunicate
  • Intelligence Press employees who work in, or are paid or supervised from Sterling, VA
  • International Broadcasting Bureau
  • International Republican Institute
  • Internal Resources Group who work in or are headquartered in Washington, DC
  • James E. Burgess, CPA, PC
  • Jane's Information Group
  • Faculty, Staff, Volunteers and Students of Jefferson-Houston School for Arts and Academics in Alexandria, Virginia
  • Lutherville Endoscopy Center
  • Life Changing Faith Christian Church employees and members
  • Marketing General Inc.
  • Maryland Association Realtors
  • The Millennium Challenge Corporation
  • Miracle Systems, LLC
  • The Motley Fool
  • National Alliance for the Mentally Ill who work in Arlington, VA
  • National Association of Computer Consultant Business
  • National Association of Federal Credit Unions (NAFCU)
  • National Association of Single Adult Ministers
  • National Credit Union Administration
  • National Hospice and Palliative Care Organization who work in Alexandria, VA
  • National Press Club in Washington, DC - Staff and active, affiliate, and associate members who qualify for membership in accordance with its charter and bylaws in effect on December 2001.
  • Newington Concrete Company who work in or are headquartered in Newington, VA



  • Oak Hill Cemetery Company
  • Open Door Baptist Church in Washington, DC employees and members
  • PAE Government Services who work in Arlington, VA
  • Pillar Systems
  • Radio and TV Marti (Office of Cuban Broadcasting)
  • Radio Free Asia who work in Washington, DC
  • Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty
  • Radio Sawa
  • Randall Memorial Baptist Church in Washington, DC employees and members.
  • Redmond Group, Inc.
  • RGS Title, LLC
  • Rosslyn Business Improvement District
  • Sheehy Honda in Alexandria, Virginia
  • Simpson Properties
  • Sisters of the Visitation of Georgetown Visitation Preparatory School who work in Washington, DC
  • Society of Competitive Intelligence Professionals (employees and members)
  • Special Libraries Association in Alexandria, VA who work in, or are paid or supervised from Alexandria, VA
  • Stanley Associates, Inc. who work in or are headquartered from Alexandria, Virginia
  • State Department Federal Credit Union
  • State Justice Institute
  • STG, Inc., who work in or are headquartered in Reston, Virginia
  • Subsystem Technologies Incorporated
  • SynQuest, Inc.
  • The Vision Council
  • United States Institute of Peace (USIP)
  • Voice of America
  • WETA TV26/FM91
  • Woodbine Rehabilitation and Healthcare Center
  • Worldwide Information Network Systems, Inc.

Membership with State Department Federal Credit Union also extends to the following:

  • Department of Defense civilian or military personnel who work at Ft. Lesley J. McNair.
  • Employees of U.S. contractors who work regularly at domestic installations of the Department of State or other agencies eligible for membership.
  • Grantees, East-West Center, and Fulbright Scholars
  • Overseas Schools, commissaries, messes, recreation associations, buying co-ops, and agency contractors.
  • U.S. government employees, (military or civilian) assigned for a minimum six-month tour of duty at an overseas foreign affairs office or in the U.S. from the groups listed above and under the supervision of those agencies.
  • Immediate family members of the above groups.
  • Organizations of persons within these membership groups.
  • Retirees of above groups.
  • Spouses of persons who died while employed by or retired from these membership groups.


Call 703.706.5000 or 800.296.8882 or Stop by any branch location for more information.

Family Membership

Family Membership
Members may sponsor any immediate family members who are U.S. citizens or permanent residents for SDFCU Membership. This includes spouses, parents, children, siblings, grandparents, grandchildren, stepparents, stepchildren, step siblings, and adoptive relationships. It also includes household members (persons living in the same residence maintaining a single economic unit). 


Joint Ownership

Joint Ownership
We also offer joint ownership accounts. Joint account owners agree to share all account funds and have full access to monies on deposit. Accounts may be held with or without rights of survivorship. Note that joint ownership of an account does not constitute Credit Union membership. Whenever possible, joint owners should be sponsored to open their own accounts, so they can enjoy full Credit Union benefits. 


Company Membership


To Become a Member Group:

  • Complete the Member Group ApplicationClick here to access. (Marine Mess and Bar Funds, Embassy Commissary, Recreation or International School Accounts please click here)
  • Make a written request using the following format and fax to 703.706.5929. 

    Your Company Letterhead
    Board of Directors
    State Department Federal Credit Union
    1630 King Street
    Alexandria, Virginia 22314

    Dear Board of Directors:

    On behalf of our organization [Organization Name], I would like to request to be added to the State Department Federal Credit Union's field of membership. Our organization [does/does not] have access to another credit union. [If so, list the credit union's name and location and the reason for your request].

    Our organization consists of [number] individuals and is located in [list the group's location(s)]. Our organization's proximity to the nearest State Department Federal Credit Union facility at the [list location] is approximately [number of miles]miles.

    It is not practical for our organization to support the formation of a separate credit union due to the lack of volunteers and resources. Your consideration is appreciated.

    We pledge to actively partner with State Department Federal Credit Union to assist in providing the credit union's products and services to our employees. We will do so by providing the credit union with a company liaison and allowing the credit union to visit our facility and advertise their products and services. 

    Thank you.

    [Authorized Representative]
    [Organization Name]
    [Organization Address]

Once your request is received, it is sent to the Board of Directors and the credit union's federal regulator, the National Credit Union Administration (NCUA) for approval. We will notify you immediately upon approval. 

If you have any questions, please contact our Business Development experts at 703-706-5091, or email us.