The Coindexter Club

At State Department Federal Credit Union, we care about the financial success of our members, including our youngest members. That’s why we proudly offer The Coindexter Club, an interactive youth savings program that teaches children how to earn, save, spend, manage, and invest money. Through games online, colorful newsletters by mail, and more, club members will be immersed in an exciting world designed for fun and education.

Club Highlight: Econopolis

One of the many fun elements of The Coindexter Club is Econopolis, an entertaining digital learning environment that allows children to play and explore at their own pace, while learning valuable money lessons.

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Learning Benefits

The Coindexter Club is designed to help prepare children to be financially responsible adults. They will enjoy learning lessons that will benefit them for a lifetime, including:

  • Benefits of saving
  • Personal Banking
  • Investment basics
  • Foreign currency symbols
  • And more money concepts!

The Details (eligibility, what to expect)

  • For ages five through 12
  • A free benefit for members (Youth and Minor account holders* at SDFCU)
  • Club members will receive a savings passbook, quarterly newsletter, and more by mail.
  • With their parent’s permission, club members can also explore all of the fun games and activities that the virtual world of Econopolis has to offer.

* Minor and custodian account holders are automatically enrolled in this program as a member benefit. If you would like to opt out of this program call us at 703-706-5000 or email

Privacy and Safety: The CoinDexter Club’s virtual world immerses your child in a safe and friendly environment that strictly conforms to the Children's Online Privacy and Protection Act. Review The CoinDexter Club’s privacy policy in its entirety.


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