Understanding ATM Fees



What is a surcharge fee?
A surcharge fee is imposed by certain ATM network owners when a non-customer of their institution uses their machine. Any machine with a surcharge must disclose the amount and give you the option to cancel your transaction without paying the fee.

How do I avoid surcharge fees?
To avoid surcharge fees, find a CO-OP Network ATM near you. Conduct surcharge-free transactions at more than 29,000 CO-OP Network ATMs across the country. Including at many 7-11, Wawa and Sheetz stores.

What is a SDFCU transaction fee?
This is an additional $2.00 per transaction network fee that may apply to you when using all non-SDFCU ATMs. A network fee is the cost of participating in an ATM network such as STAR.This fee appears on your statement as non-SDFCU ATM fee.

How do I avoid SDFCU ATM transaction fees?
Although you will not incur a surcharge fee, you may be charged a nominal $2.00 transaction fee when using a CO-OP Network ATM unless you earned Flexpoints in the previous 45 days by: 

  • Paying a bill through online Bill Pay.

  • Using an SDFCU credit card;  or

  • Using an SDFCU debit card in signature transactions