Flexpoints Rewards

An Everyday Membership Benefit



The Flexpoints Rewards Program is an exclusive member benefit when you choose to use your SDFCU Debit or Credit Card to make purchases. You are automatically enrolled in this free program and will enjoy the convenience of earning reward points that can be used for merchandise, gift cards, experiences and charitable giving. Start earning today!

About The Program

How it works:
For every $1 you spend with your SDFCU Credit Card you will earn 1 Flexpoint and for every $2 you spend with your SDFCU Debit Card you will earn 1 Flexpoints. Debit card purchases apply when you choose to sign for your purchases (using your card in credit transactions) instead of entering your PIN. All of your points earned from debit and credit card purchases are combined automatically.

How to sign up:
As an SDFCU Debit or Credit Card holder you are automatically enrolled in the program. Simply start spending and watch the points add up!

How to check your point balance:
When you log in to Online Banking, you can select "See My Balance" in the Flexpoints box to the right and follow the path to your personal Flexpoints Rewards page. You can also access the Flexpoints Rewards page from Online Banking by selecting "Products & Services" from the "Additional Services" tab. Then click enter in the Flexpoints section. From there you can check your balance, view your account status and redeem your points for rewards.

If you are not currently enrolled in Online Banking, you can check your balance and redeem points by calling 888.695.8292. 

Additional Benefits:
Flexpoints members have the opportunity to earn bonus points and redeem points toward lower rates throughout the year. Plus, access nearly 30,000 free CO-OP Network ATMs when you earn Flexpoints in the previous 45 days.

How To Multiply Your Points

In addition to earning points for eligible purchases with your debit or credit card, you can earn even more through:

Bill Pay
Cardholders are eligible to earn 5 points for every bill paid through online Bill Pay when you have an SDFCU Debit or Credit Card.

Perks Points Mall
Visit the Perks Points Mall through the Flexpoints website and earn an additional 5 bonus points for every $1 spent using your SDFCU Debit or Credit Card when you shop the online network of over 800 retailers.

More Points
Earn 3 bonus points for every $1 spent when you use your SDFCU Debit or Credit Card on the More Points site accessible through the Flexpoints website.

Redemption Options

Now, what to do with all the Flexpoints you have earned? SDFCU's Rewards program offers many types of rewards:

There’s plenty of merchandise to choose from…electronics, tools, jewelry, appliances, luggage, toys and so much more. Simply visit the Flexpoints Rewards website and shop for the rewards available for the amount of points you have saved up.

Gift Cards
With several merchant gift cards to choose from, you can plan a shopping trip, relax at the spa, fill up your car on fuel or enjoy a meal at your favorite restaurant.

If the world is what you want, then redeeming your points for travel is a good place to start. Redeem points for domestic and international travel with no restrictions. You can apply your points towards airline tickets,  hotel stays and even rental cars.

By selecting to redeem your points with a CharityChoice gift card, you may choose up to three charities from a list of over 1,000 major and local charities. Just follow the instructions on the back of the card and wait for the warm fuzzies to take over.