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The SDFCU Rate Committee is comprised of a team of financial professionals that meets monthly to determine interest rates that provide good value to our members while assuring the Credit Union's safety and soundness. The Board of Directors reviews the Committee's recommendations with these same goals in mind.

When setting share rates we:

  • Assess the current U.S. economy and the overall rate environment, as determined by the US Federal Reserve Bank.
  • Offer rates that are very competitive with other financial institutions so that we will always be our members' first choice.
  • Protect our members' shares of ownership in SDFCU by ensuring the Credit Union provides exceptional value.

When determining loan rates, we follow the same steps illustrated above and also consider:

  • The type, collateral, amount, and terms of the loan.
  • Credit history and associated risk (a higher credit score can equal lower interest rate).

  • For more information, please contact one of our Member Service Experts at or by calling 703.706.5000 or 800.296.8882.