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New Vehicle

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Credit Card

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Home Equity

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Personal Loans

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Check Service Fees

Checkbook PrintingPrice Varies(depending on style and quantity of checks)
Counter Checks$2.00 per page (4 checks per page)
Official Checks(payable to third party)$5.00 per check
American Express Travelers ChequesFree


Stop Payment on Share/Loan Check$25.00 per check or series
Stop Payment on SDFCU Official Check$25.00 per check
Returned SDFCU Share/Loan Check$30.00 per check
Returned Deposit/Payment Check drawn on member's account at another institution$30.00 per return
Share Check Statement Reconciliation$25.00 per hour or fraction thereof
Check Copy$5.00 per check
Money Management Checks in excess of monthly maximum$30.00 per check

Electronic and Card Service Fees

ATM Transaction at an SDFCU machineFree
ATM Transaction at a non-SDFCU machineFree(ATM owner may still charge a surcharge fee)
Electronic Payments 
Rejected items$30.00 per item
Stop payment$25.00 per item
SDFCU Online Bill Payer-ActiveFree
SDFCU Online Bill Payer-InactiveFree
Funds Transfer to an SDFCU AccountFree
Popmoney (P2P) Funds Transfer (to SDFCU accounts and non-SDFCU accountsFree
External Funds Transfer (Standard 3-day Delivery)Free
External Funds Transfer(Expedited Next Day Delivery)$3.00 per transaction
Credit Card International Service Assessment (ISA) Fee*Fee paid by SDFCU
Debit Card International Service Assessment (ISA) Fee*1% of transaction amount
Credit Card-Over the Counter Cash Advancenone
Credit Card-ATM Cash Advances$3.00
Credit Card Replacement FeeUp to $20.00
Debit Card Replacement FeeUp to $20.00
Express Mail DeliveryActual Expense Incurred
Returned credit card paymentUp to $25.00
Late credit card paymentUp to $25.00
*International Service Assessment (ISA) fee is imposed by VISA and paid directly to VISA. SDFCU does not retain any portion of this fee.

Safe Deposit


Annual Rental Fees
3"x5"$27.00 per year
3"x10"$55.00 per year
5"x5"$37.00 per year
10"x5"$65.00 per year
10"x10"$125.00 per year
Replacement Key$5.00 per request
Drilling Feeminimum $150.00 per request


Staff assisted telephone transfer$5.00 per transaction
Money Order$3.00 per money order
Member Emeritus Money OrderFree
Wire Transfers (Domestic)$20.00 per transfer
Wire Transfers (Foreign)$30.00 per transfer
Member Emeritus wires (domestic only)$6.00 per transfer
Print out of member transactions/statements$5.00 per statement
Inactive Account Processing Fee (after one year of inactivity)$10.00 per month
Procedures requiring SDFCU legal servicesMinimum $25.00 per incident
Subordination Agreements$200.00 per agreement
Modification Agreements1% of loan balance
Foreign Collection Items* 
Over U.S. $100.00$10.00 per transaction
Under U.S. $100.00$7.00 per transaction
*Member is also responsible for any additional collection fees charged by correspondent institutions. 
Signature Guarantee$25.00 per transaction
Account/Deposit Verification$10.00 per transaction
Escheatment/Abandoned Property FeeUp to $100.00 per share account